What if the best funeral home
doesn't win?

It's probably not fair, but the funeral homes that are growing are the ones investing in smart digital marketing, regardless of the customer experience or quality of services.

Question is the first funeral home i find online the best one for me?
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Some use online methods to sell at the lowest price

...and it's turning important healing rituals into a commodity to be shopped.

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Some are stuck in legacy methods

....so their website and technology give younger decision-makers the impression that they are out of touch.

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Consumers push for transparent pricing

...which isn't satisfied by just putting a long GPL on your website, they actually want more.



The reputation you've worked so hard to build would also matter in the digital world, and your community would discover quality funeral care through your website. 

You need your online presence to be just a strong as the quality of your care:

A digital presence that presents your values, lifts your reputation, shows empathy, and supports the value of healing rituals.

  • Get you found online
  • Increase the number of phone calls
  • Deliver important resources that families need the most

Did we miss a generation?

How Funeral Homes can to reach GenX'ers 


Does a commitment to quality & values have to keep you from delivering cutting-edge marketing?

We don't think so, in fact, we believe that leading in quality means that people need you to lead online, too.

When Your Digital Marketing Doesn't Live Up to It's Promise:


You're excited with the promise of a free website or low-cost growth resources.

But what you get actually delivers a blow to your reputation, tells younger decision-makers that you're out of date, and makes using your website hard for everyone.

You're promised a whole library of pre-made online pages

But they make you look exactly like every other funeral home and you stand out even less online.


The old models for marketing still cost the same (or even more)

But they deliver less and less every year even when the traditional media outlets also include some digital ads (you know, newspapers and radio that want to be digital, but really aren't).

Your online presence should always reflect your empathy & values...but it should also actually work to attract new business.

Stop your marketing from violating your values.

The good news is that your digital presence can match your story, your brand, and your voice. 

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