How to stop your marketing
from violating your values.

Is marketing part of your mission?

Marketing helps people understand important choices and to make good decisions. Final arrangements require both.

What an online growth system for funeral homes must include:

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the public

About the importance of healing rituals and preplanning,

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You can't reach people if they can't find you. Fulling your mission means making sure your services are easy to find online.

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Powerful Marketing Tool

That provides a seamless online experience and connects you to people who want to preplan.

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Champion Quality 

Help you compete with the price cutters by inspiring families to reach for legacy and healing rituals.

Excellence Matters

Re-iterate the new way and its benefits from above



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The trust experience begins with he first online contact and extends throughout the entire process.


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Hire this team and don’t look back!

David, Jennifer and their team have TURBO-CHARGED our PreNeed lead generation, tracking and (most importantly) sales!

Our sales numbers with our National Preneed Marketing company have grown to make us the #6 producer IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY!!

Chris Tharp

Tharp Funeral Home & Crematory

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The impact of the refreshed approach to my brand has been pretty amazing. It has created a buzz, and people are commenting wherever I go. Ads that we place are now getting noticed. Our business is up, and I am now really confident that people are going to remember our brand throughout the community.


David Storke

Storke Funeral Homes & Historyland Memorial Park

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I am so happy that I connected with the team at Story Collaborative. Everyone I have worked with, especially Jennifer, has been incredibly helpful in creating a product that has helped me with my pre-need program. Moving from a direct mail campaign to Hartway has done wonders for the way that I connect with and help my families... do yourself a favor and reach out to them!

Kaylinn Bezenar

Morrissett Funeral & Cremation Service

How your digital experience can match in-person quality.

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